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Unicorn can offer a range of original Bakelite telephones and payphone equipment of superb quality.

Original 200 series in Black Bakelite

All of the telephones listed are full working examples.

They are fully restored and polished to pristine condition.

All our telephones will work on the majority of standard networks including overseas systems and are ready to plug in for you to use.

They are fitted with alpha-numerical dials and where possible original braided handset cord.

Those models that are not normally fitted with integral bells are supplied with a plug-in bell adaptor.

These telephones have REN value of 2.


200 Series With Plain Base .162 Model.

As used in the Jubilee Kiosk interior.

Price £200

200 Series. With Cheese Drawer Base .232 Model.

As used in the office or home.

Price £225

200 Series with Bell set no.26.

As used in the office or home.

Price £320.


Original A&B Push Button Coin Boxes

Kiosk and Renters models available, with a choice of:

Restored A&B Box

Re-enameled with a hand cast coin denomination plate (Penny, Sixpence, Shilling).

Complete with working pre decimal coin mechanism, bell set, locks and keys.

Can be connected to your existing telephone.

Price £350

"As is" A&B Box

Used condition complete with decimal coin mechanism and plate. Comes with lock and keys.

Price £250

You do not need to insert coins in order to make a call with any of these A&B Boxes.


Phone coin collection boxes



Please contact us with any special requests. Call Tony Inglis on 020 8651 2436 or email

Ordering and Delivery

VAT must be added for UK and EEC countries.

Nation-wide delivery.

Export packing and world-wide shipping carried out in-house.